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Best Christmas gift for tea lovers

Christmas is around the corner and if you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone who loves to drink tea, there is no better idea than a beautiful teapot. But what type of teapot should you buy ? Let’s find out: A regular tea drinker understands the importance of teaware. Almost every tea lover in the world has a personal connection with his or her own tea cup and teapot. Even if there is no emotional connection, we all know that teaware  is an integral part of every tea drinking experience.

Whilst there is no doubt that teapot makes a very useful gift for a tea lover, when it comes to selecting a teapot, it requires some thought before buying. There are different types of teapots available in the market and each one has its own specialty. So before buying a teapot, you should first understand which one suits your requirements.

Types of teapots

Apart from the numerous design variations, teapots can be divided into five major groups according to the materials they are made of.  When focusing on the organoleptic characteristics of the tea, the material used to create the pot plays a very important role. Each material has certain characteristics that makes the overall experience different from the others. A brief description of each type of teapot is provided below.


Metal teapot

Metal teapots have been a traditional choice for hundreds of years. In the past, while rich and royal tea lovers used decorative silver teapots, people in general used to serve tea with cast iron or steel teapot. Even in today’s society, a lot of people use metal teapots to brew and serve tea. 

Metal Teapot

The main benefit of using a metal teapot is that it can be used both as a kettle and a teapot. It is highly cost effective and that is why it is a great choice for low income households and also for camping and field trips. 

For Christmas Gift: Regular metal teapots are not recommended as a gift. You can go for a antique metal teapot, but they are mostly used as decorative items instead of using it to brew tea.


Clay teapot

Clay teapots have a history that dates back thousands of years. They are also known as the Yixing teapot or the memory teapot in China. Even though other materials have replaced clay teapots in its popularity, they are still regarded as the most traditional brewing vessel.  

Clay Teapot

Beside their traditional and novelty values, clay teapots are great for brewing Pu’er or Oolong teas as the touch of clay enhances the strong earthy flavor of these teas. So, if you are looking for a novelty item or if you prefer the earthy flavor in your tea, then you can go for a clay teapot.

For Christmas gift: Clay teapots can be given as a gift but they should also be considered as decorative item. It is not practical to use them for brewing tea regularly.



Ceramic and porcelain teapot

Ceramic and porcelain teapots are another important category of teapots. With countless variation of colors and designs, they are most probably the most popular form of teapots around the world. 

Porcelain Teapot

However, these teapots are mostly used only to serve tea after brewing it in another container. And even though they look beautiful, they are highly fragile and have shorter lifespan. They are a good choice for special occasions or parties. But using them every day is not that practical as they require maintenance and must be handled with extra caution.

For Christmas gift: A Ceramic or porcelain teapot can be used for special occasions.  


Tempered glass teapot

Glass teapots are the latest addition in the group and they are the most sophisticated and practical type of all. Glass teapots are usually made of high quality tempered glass and they are safe to use, beautiful in design and most importantly, they allow the tea to show its true color.

Modern glass teapots like Lazy Pour are more advanced in terms of design and usability. They have built-in infuser which makes the tea brewing process easier than ever. 

Glass Teapot

These teapots are recommended for daily use, especially if you don’t have extra time to spend preparing your tea. Besides, they can be cleaned easily and they don’t retain flavors from one preparation to the next.

For Christmas gift: A nice Glass teapot is a great gift idea . This gift is appreciated every time the person brews a cup of tea. You can order a beautiful glass teapot on Amazon today and get it delivered to your loved ones before Christmas.


Buying the right teapot

If you are looking for a novelty gift item, go with the clay teapot. If you are looking for a decorative gift item, then you should select from the wide varieties of ceramic or porcelain ones. And if you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone who loves tea but has little time for brewing and cleaning, then you should definitely choose a high quality tempered glass teapot.

Teaspec’s Lazy Pour, is one of the most popular glass teapots in the world. They come in two different sizes and they have a removable infuser installed in them. Lazy Pour is available in Amazon and also available on Teaspec website.

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