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A perfect gift item for people on the go

Selecting a gift that matches our budget and appreciation for someone is no easy feat. To simplify your shopping experience, we have shortlisted the perfect solution for you!

What is Lazy Go?

Teaspec Lazy Go is a double wall glass travel tumbler with a specially designed in-built strainer that stops your tea from being oversteeped! Now you can bring your favourite hot and cold beverages with you on the go, anywhere, any time!

Still unconvinced, read on further!

What makes Lazy Go a perfect gift?

Tea for busy people:

Unlike coffee, tea is usually associated as another high tea offering, or a beverage to be enjoyed only when you have time to spare. But why shouldn’t you enjoy a cup of tea as and when you like? Lazy Go allows you to do just that—Place your favourite tea bag or loose leaf tea into the cap. Fill Lazy Go with hot water. Invert bottle to brew tea until the tea has reached its desired strength. Re-invert bottle again to halt the brewing process. Lazy Go’s special carrier will even keep your drink hot or cold for a period of time. A perfect equipment for people who are always travelling and on the go too.

But I don’t drink tea…?

Not a tea drinker, don’t fret. Although Lazy Go is designed for tea drinkers, this versatile piece has many other uses too. Because of the positioning of Lazy Go’s unique strainer, you can even use this tumbler to infuse fruits or herbs into your water or favourite beverages. What makes it even more special is that Lazy Go is made of glass. Glass is an inert material and does not pick up the residual flavour of the beverage, unlike stainless steel.

Something unique, something wow!

Lazy Go’s sleek and elegant design will definitely bring a smile to your recipient’s face. Coupled with its reasonable price point that will not burn a hole in your pocket, it speaks as a gift of love and appreciation.

Show your appreciation to your loved ones

Planning to surprise a friend, colleague or someone you know soon? Look no further! Add Lazy Go to a box of tea and make this beautiful hamper a token of your love to them today. What more are you waiting for? We’ll even deliver it right to your door step!  

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