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Pairing Pu’er tea with popular food items

Tea is a versatile beverage that you can pair with almost any type of food. From rich and spicy dishes to sweet chocolate desserts, the possibilities are limitless. Ripe Pu’er tea is well-known for its rich and mellow flavour, bringing out the flavours and umami of protein-rich, fatty and high caloric foods. If you’re feeling […]

Building a perfect Tea station for your office

Tea and coffee has become an integral part of every home and office. Be it entertaining your guests or offering a perk-me-up for your colleagues, what’s even better than showing off a fabulous drink station (or in this case, tea station☺) in your home or office! Now how to create that fantastic drink station? Let’s […]

A perfect gift item for people on the go

Selecting a gift that matches our budget and appreciation for someone is no easy feat. To simplify your shopping experience, we have shortlisted the perfect solution for you! What is Lazy Go? Teaspec Lazy Go is a double wall glass travel tumbler with a specially designed in-built strainer that stops your tea from being oversteeped! […]

Amazing summer mocktails with Jasmine Green Tea

With summer knocking at our doorsteps, you can find supermarket aisles flooding with the freshest produce just begging to be infused into your artisanal, thirst-quenching cocktails. Not an alcohol drinker, don’t fret it! There is no reason to be missing out on the party too. Too many a time, the drinks stand catered for those […]

Tea for travelling

You are sitting in your seat watching the traffic light turn from amber to red, but that is fine because you have a travel tumbler filled with tea in your cup holder waiting to be enjoyed until… … you realised your tea has been over steeped and has turned slightly bitter. Every tea lover knows […]

Healthiest workout drink

If you’re thinking of getting into shape as part of your new year’s resolution, read on! A number of people prefer taking energy drinks or pre-workout supplements for hydration and an energy boost. Did you know that these beverages are usually laden with chemically-formulated sugars which may bring more harm than good to your body? […]