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Art of tea blending: Guideline for blending your own tea

Tea blending is the art of combining different types of tea to a variety of ingredients to modify and create a new tea flavor. Mastering the art of tea blending is not an easy feat. It requires knowledge and expertise about flavor, taste and characteristics of different types of tea. With a little knowledge and […]

Chemistry behind every cup of tea – Part 2: Brewing

Previously, we discussed about the chemistry of processing tea leaves. The water molecules in tea leaves are completely removed during the last stage of processing. Today, we will be understanding how tea leaves are made active once they are brewed in water. Chemistry of brewing tea As the dry tea leaves are added into water, […]

Chemistry behind every cup of tea – Part 1: Processing

Tea is considered a wonder of nature in the world of chemistry. According to Nikolai Kuhnert, a renowned chemist from Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, “Tea is the most mysterious and fascinating food material in the world in terms of its chemical properties.” So what makes tea so significant? The life cycle of tea can […]

Pu’er for natural beauty: Top 3 beauty benefits of Pu’er tea

Did you know that regular consumption of Pu’er tea can actually help maintain our natural beauty? Skin care Everyone desires healthy and beautiful skin, but are you aware that the health of our skin is directly dependent on our digestive system? Regardless of how much beauty products you may apply religiously, they can only help […]

What tea to drink?

Tea is more than just a comforting and alternative drink to coffee. Studies have shown that tea contains so many health benefits, that it is even healthier to drink than water—With so many great teas to choose from, how do you decide which tea to drink? Each tea has its own unique style and characteristic. […]

Green tea for healthy and beautiful eyes

We are familiar with the health benefits of Green tea like weight loss, cancer prevention, regulating cholesterol and blood sugar, reducing risk of heart attacks etc. But a lot of people may not be aware about how Green tea can improve eyesight and prevent eye diseases. “Catechins” and its benefits The most powerful element in […]