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A Cup Of Tea Can Boost Creativity

Good news for the tea drinkers in the crowd — your favorite beverage might be giving you a leg up over everyone else: A new study has found that drinking tea can improve your creativity. Researchers working out of China’s Peking University published their two-experiment study recently in the journal Food Quality and Preference. For […]

How to Find Peace and De-Stress with a Simple Tea Meditation

There are many forms of meditation in the world but all of their purposes are similar; to calm and de-stress your brain, to give you energy, to increase your focus for work and to help you to find mental peace. Among all those forms, tea meditation is one of the most simple and enjoyable form […]

Valentine’s Day Tea from TEASPEC

Forget flowers and chocolates.  Surprise your valentine with the delicious and healthy gift of the leaf. A selection of sophisticated, luxurious offerings that make that someone special feel even more special. Choose the perfect gift that is sure to delight your special valentine. TEASPEC Jubilee $180.00 The Jubilee Set features a decorative porcelain caddy with […]

Restaurants are Pairing Food with Tea Instead of Wine

People have been pairing wine with their food since the beginning of modern gastronomy, but recently a new trend has emerged. With the increasing focus on health-conscious dining, restaurants seeking to give customers alternative beverages to accompany their meals have done so by pairing tea with the food they serve. “Tea pairing” is now the […]


Dec 11, 2017 Picking the perfect gift can be tricky, so we’ve collected some of our favorite unique food gifts from around the world to give you some great gift ideas for the food lovers on your list. (Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. That means that by purchasing a product after clicking through a […]