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How to Find Peace and De-Stress with a Simple Tea Meditation

There are many forms of meditation in the world but all of their purposes are similar; to calm and de-stress your brain, to give you energy, to increase your focus for work and to help you to find mental peace. Among all those forms, tea meditation is one of the most simple and enjoyable form of meditation. Tea Meditation is a practice that is over 900 years old! It originated in Japan and quickly became popular in China and other Asian countries.

Here is a simple guideline for a 5 to 10 minutes tea meditation which can charge you up for the whole day:

1. Make your tea
No matter how you choose to prepare your tea, what tea you drink, where you drink your tea, do so carefully with a complete awareness of the present moment. Give yourself completely to the entire process of preparing and drinking your tea.

2. Feel the tea
Once your tea is made, find a nice quiet place for you to sit and drink it. Once you’ve sat down, take a moment before starting to “simply sit” with your tea. Notice the aroma of the tea, admire the look and color of the tea, and imagine the delicate balance that had to be kept for the tea to go from being a leaf on a tree to becoming the delightful cup of tea in front of you.

3. Give thanks
Before you begin drinking, take a moment to give thanks for the cup of tea in front of you. Appreciate the cup of tea and everything that had to happen, and the careful balance that had to be maintained, for you to experience this amazing cup of tea.

4. Drink your tea
This is the main event. Your tea has been prepared, you’ve expressed your appreciation, and now it’s time to drink. All you have to do is drink your tea fully with mindfulness. Take it slow, only drinking very small sips at a time. You should be taking your time and really savoring every sip.

Whether you’re drinking tea alone or with a friend or loved one, be fully awake for the drinking of the tea and open your heart to the world around you. This simple meditation will provide you all the benefits of any form of meditation and also give you the satisfaction of drinking your favourite tea.

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