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Tealicious All Raw
Natasha Chiam
Lovely tea

One of our favourite teas - great for gifting (or for yourself)! The tea bottle is well designed and the tea itself is great quality.

Tealicious All Raw
Lian Foong Lee
Lovely gift set

From my colleague:
She has loved the gift set.
Beautifully presented with the unique red gift box & golden prints, classy look which matches the high quality Pu-erh teas.
She is now using the travel tumbler everyday!

Opus Raw, Raw Pu'er Tea
Lian Foong Lee
One must experience

I have always loved green teas. Pu-erh raw (that is what I have tasted from this purchase) has changed my whole perspective of Chinese teas which I used to have with my late grandparents—maybe black roasted Chinese teas (too strong).
The OPUS raw situates between the taste of black teas and my favorite Jade Oolong. Love the slight fruitiness in it.

Below is my impression of OPUS Pu-erh teas:

The experience of brewing a cup of Pu-erh brings joys and hope just like one sailing through the journey of life. Its rich history comes through when the unique Pu-erh’s sweetness and gentle bitterness lingering in our palate from the very first sip. One must experience to know it !

Raw Dazzle, Raw Pu'er
Jennifer Choo
Power packed

A tea that's full of character and flavour, this is a drink to remember

Here me Raw

This is my favourite tea - so lovely and mellow yet with a distinctive flavour

Sip Easy, 80ml
Jennifer Choo
Cute and functional

These cute tiny cups are a pleasure to use and look at

A revelation

I've never been a big fan of chinese tea but absolutely enjoyed drinking both the sachets - loved that they came in tea bags for easy brewing as well

Longmark, Raw Pu'er Tea
Niles Jerry Withers

The tea is magnificent. Your instructions were also spot on. I made tea immediately after receiving my package. It was honestly fun doing it. I served tea to my Executive Assistant who had never had tea like this and she was duly impressed. I got BIG FACE. Thank you and you have a new customer for the long run.

Sip Easy, 80ml
Stacy Haw
Easy to hold

This little cute cups was designed in double wall and thus I have no worry on direct hold it to drink in a hot tea.
Because of it is a clear glasses, is really enjoy to see the beautiful color of the tea espeacially the Raw Pu'er tea which have the beautiful amber color while drinking.

Handy Tumbler

I can drink tea wherever I go and no worry of the oversoaked the tea leaf.

Superb, great balanced flavour

was sent this product as a gift and i know it will become a firm favourite - love the flavour , and also love how I know it benefits my health .... going to try matching it with some different chocolates , also imagine it would be good as a stock in savoury dishes

superbly well thought through

was sent this product as a gift and absolutely love it - so easy to use, good quality and the designer has thought of everything and supplied it .

Would send this as a present to others too.

The Tea Hobbyist Christmas Gift Set by TEASPEC

Contents are very nice. The set itself is sturdy and pretty well made. The tea cups are made of a double walled plastic. They will do what they are meant to do. The tumbler takes some time to get used to but is convenient.

The only con is that the teabags may get torn if you are too rough with them. Will need to take care when separating the string from the teabag. The letter and flowers are a nice touch. Overall, nice hamper.

The Tea Hobbyist Christmas Gift Set by TEASPEC
Lee M C
Ribbon-wrapped wood package. Bought for Christmas.

Found the set from a google ad. I bought the premium delivery option for my daughter. Hand delivery by seller.

very nice package. beautifully wrapped with a thoughtful message written inside. Lovely tumbler included. Great design, good quality, easy to clean and it’s reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

Good for digestion

Purchased it for my mom who is a traditional tea lover. We like holistic and natural tea very much. My mother is has bowel problems and it has helped her digest her food much better. No cramps, no diarrhoea.

Sip Easy, 80ml
Ovie Plemings
Clean and easy

I was gifted 4 sip easy cups and I like using them. Clean look with a design that makes sure I don't get burned by hot drinks.

Perfection in a cup

My first time buying tea online. I usually buy coffee but it's all I drink now! My regular cup of coffee in the morning just tastes bitter to me after drinking this. I love it!!

This makes a perfectly consistent, delicious cup of tea every morning. I get a caffeine rush early in the morning and it gets me ready for the day.

nice flavor and pack

I attended a social event in London late last year and was gifted this beautiful present by our host who bought these from Harrods. It took a while but I have discovered my new favorite tea for the next while.
Before this, I had only tried English Tea like Earl Grey and the occasional Moroccan or Indian flavor but this Chinese tea is nice and fragrant. I love the act of breaking up the tea cake and brewing the tea leaves by myself. Makes me feel like a chef!

Lovely Teacake!

Lovely design on the teacake. I enjoyed it very much. My husband and I love the colourful sleeve and the equipment that came with the Hearty Puer Tea Cake.

PS: Don't brew the tea for too long otherwise it will turn out very bitter! Our first steep was for a little too long.


This ripe puerh works wonders whenever I just want to relax and put my feet up.

One Mini-Tuo for the whole day

I love the reusability of this Mini-Tuo! I brew a pot of tea with my Mini-Tuo early in the morning and it lasts me the whole day.

When I finish drinking each brew, I top it up with more water and I can go on and on. Each brew gives me a unique flavor that is always fun to try.

I highly recommmend trying it for yourself!

Raw Dazzle, Raw Pu'er
Marianne Roberts
Nice Packaging and Design

I would purchase it again. I absolutely loved it!

Opus Ripe, Ripe Pu'er
Little Mushroom
Incredibly flavourful

Pleasant, earthy flavour and mesmerising colour! Never had anything so fulfilling and I consider myself an experienced tea drinker.

Great product!

Loved it ;)

Works for weight loss

I've had one too many nights working essays I left too close to my deadline and in this, I found the solution that single-handedly allowed me to graduate college. I love the Opus! Not exaggerating right now.

I swapped my energy drinks dependence for tea and this was hands down the best decision I made in my university life. Say goodbye to jitters and if you're a student like I was, this is a godsend!