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Why you should always drink tea and avoid coffee?

Some people like tea and some like coffee. But most people agree that tea is always a better drink than coffee. However, if you are not sure why tea is a better choice for you over coffee, here are five major reasons you should know:

1. Sleep quality
The biggest differences between coffee and tea may emerge once your head hits the pillow. Comparing people drinking the same volume of tea or coffee over a single day, researchers at the University of Surrey in the UK confirmed that although both drinks lend similar benefits to your attention during the day, coffee drinkers tend to find it harder to drop off at night. Tea drinkers, in contrast, had longer and more restful slumbers.

2. Psychological health
There are some evidences that tea can soothe your nerves. Researches found that regular tea drinkers tend to show a calmer physiological response to unsettling situations. Overall, people who drink three cups a day appear to have a 37% lower risk of depression than those who do not drink tea. Coffee doesn’t have the same reputation; indeed, some people even report that it makes them feel like their nerves are jangling.

3. Body hydration
Although coffee is also considered a hydrating liquid, tea performs a lot better than coffee to hydrate your body. This means that it is much more beneficial to sit down and have a cup of tea because the beverage hydrates your body immediately and more efficiently. With coffee, it takes more time for the water to be absorbed because it is thicker than tea. .

4. Significant health Benefits
In a number of scientific studies it has been shown that tea can reduce the chances of certain kinds of cancers and diseases. This fact mostly applies to green tea, along with some other kinds of Chinese tea. Besides there are lots of other proven health benefits tea can provide,  such as; tea helps you to lose weight, tea aids your digestion system, tea reduces cholesterol and risk of heart disease etc. Coffee does have some beneficial antioxidants, but certainly not more than what a cup of tea can provide.

5. Tooth staining
To be honest, excessive amount of tea or coffee are not good for your dental health. However, in a straight choice between the two, it is proven that drinking tea can be actually beneficiary for your oral health while coffee brings no benefit at all. Drinking two or three cups of tea everyday will keep your levels of fluoride normal without any discoloration, while the same amount of coffee means even less fluoride and more discoloration.

Beside these five, there are many more reasons for drinking tea and avoiding coffee on a regular basis. So from now on, whenever you think of ordering or making some hot beverage, always choose a cup of tea and stay healthy.  

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