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Have a look at our range of premium tea leaves and tea brewing accessories.

Drink Well,
Live Well.

In 2015, we founded TEASPEC as a way of introducing tea enthusiasts to the world of Pu’er and other Chinese teas.

We are avid collectors and advocates of Pu’er tea first and foremost, and as such, have a profoundly personal relationship with our products.

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Here are some of our most popular teas and accessories.

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Pu’er has abundant amounts of antioxidants and aids in weight loss. A cup of Pu’er tea helps lower the big C - cholesterol while also aiding digestion.

Refreshing and sophisticated taste

Consume connoisseur-pleasing tea, anywhere with our convenient Lazy Go.

Time honoured luxury

Premium range of aged Pu’er, each set comes with a certificate of authenticity and provenance - impeccably packaged.

Read on for Health Benefits

Start your Pu’er tea journey with us

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