About TEASPEC | Best Chinese Black Tea | Premium and Exclusive


Having gradually amassed one of the most comprehensive private collections of fine Pu’er tea over the course of four decades, our family’s mission has been to bring about a radical change in the way Pu’er tea is perceived and consumed. We created TEASPEC to introduce this storied tea into untapped markets under an innovative new brand as demand for gourmet teas has exploded over the past few years. From the heights of the mountainous Yunnan plateau in Southwestern China to the bustling auction houses of Hong Kong, Pu’er tea is loved and collected by millions and is a prized tea in Chinese culture. 

We are Pu-erh tea ‘purists’, meaning we only sell teas of fine Pu’er vintage and we strive to meet the demands of the most enthusiastic of tea aficionados. TEASPEC retails in the world’s most prestigious luxury establishments such as Harrods London, Singapore Airlines’ Krisshop, the Four Seasons Hotel, One and Only Resorts, The Mandrake Hotel and more.

There is an old saying, “A gift of tea is a gift of health.” We take the health of our consumers as being as important as our own, which is why this business brings us great joy to run every day. Pu-erh tea contains an abundance of antioxidants and has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss and cholesterol reduction. All our tea bags contain no microplastics and are made from biodegradable Japanese corn fibers.

Contact Us at info@teaspec.com for inquiries or orders.  

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