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Building A Perfect Tea Station For Your Office

Tea and coffee has become an integral part of every home and office. Be it entertaining your guests or offering a perk-me-up for your colleagues, what’s even better than showing off a fabulous drink station (or in this case, tea station) in your home or office! Now how to create that fantastic drink station? Let’s have a look!


Zone selection

Determining where and the number of tea stations you’d like to set up in your office. As a rule of thumb, you can always create your tea station near your pantries. Small offices only need one tea station, while medium to large-sized offices may require several tea stations including one situated near meeting or conference rooms, in private zones, etc.


Appliances for Tea station

For a self-serving tea station, you’d need to have all the necessary tea wares and appliances ready for brewing tea. For hot water supply, a water heater, kettle or hot water dispenser can be place at the station.

If you’re after an elegant look, check out this out—Crafted in borosilicate glass, this modern and sophisticated beauty is easy to use and clean! Available in 2 sizes (500ml; 900ml), these glass teapots are a must have at tea parties!


Choosing the perfect tea

Choosing the right type of tea may be a daunting task, especially for a diverse group of people. Firstly, you should consider your culture and location. When providing a selection of tea in your office, it is always a safe bet to go with the most popular choice in your region.

However, if you’re planning to wow your special guests at work, we have just the tea for you: High quality Pu’er tea. Like Bordeaux wines, Pu’er tea comes from a specific region in China, Yunnan, and are usually of a higher quality and grade compared to the average tea found in the supermarket. Pu’er tea comes in 2 varieties: Raw and Ripe. For people who are just beginning their tea journey, we would recommend Raw Dazzle and Ripe Marvel.

Don’t forget to lay your tea stations with delectable sweets and treats to pair with your tea. Everyone will be talking about your tea station in no time!