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What Tea To Drink?

Tea is more than just a comforting and alternative drink to coffee. Studies have shown that tea contains so many health benefits, that it is even healthier to drink than water—With so many great teas to choose from, how do you decide which tea to drink?

Each tea has its own unique style and characteristic. It is all about finding the right one to match your mood, meal or even just to catch a breather in the middle of a busy or relaxing day.

If you are someone who has just started finding your feet into the tea world, do not despair! We have broken down a list of recommended teas to suit your different lifestyle choices.


A cuppa in the morning

Starting the day with a cup of tea is a popular morning ritual for many tea lovers around the world. However, it is not recommended to drink strong teas like Black or Oolong is on an empty stomach. White tea or mildly brewed Green tea is gentle on the stomach, and its light and subtle flavour can help boost your mood and energy early in the morning.


Breakfast tea

A cup of tea after breakfast is a great idea to boost your energy and kickstart your day. For strong tea lovers, breakfast is a good time to enjoy that cup of black tea or Oolong that you have been waiting for! These teas are power packed with flavour and caffeine that will keep you wide awake for the long day ahead.


Midday tea at work

Refresh your mind with a cup of green tea at anytime of the day. Whether you are taking a break or sitting in a brainstorming session, a cup of green tea will help you to keep your mind alert and brain focused. A metabolism-booster as well, green tea is the perfect match as its light and subtle flavour will not spoil your appetite for lunch.


Tea after lunch

Strong teas like Black, Oolong and Pu’er not only aid your digestion but also restore your energy for the rest of the day. If you are not a fan of strong teas, Green tea is also a great pick-me-up to aid in digestion and weight loss after a heavy meal.


Afternoon tea

Whether you are at work or home, the elegant taste of Pu’er tea will lift your mood refresh your mind. Did you know that Pu’er tea comes in two types: Raw and Ripe. Some people prefer Raw Pu’er tea while others prefer Ripe Pu’er. If you are not familiar with the types, it is recommended to try both of them and select the one you liked. You can also check out this article to understand differences between Raw and Ripe Pu’er tea.


Evening tea

For most people, the main purpose of an evening cuppa is to relax after a whole day of work. If you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid drinking strong teas in the evening. Flavoured tea like Jasmine green tea is a great choice for this mood. Its mild jasmine scent will help you relax and soothe your evenings instead of supplying caffeine into your system. For those who prefer unscented teas, you may opt for a cup of mild Green tea that is jam-packed with antioxidants and bioactive compounds.

Tea is indeed the most versatile beverage in the world. There is no rulebook on how to define the right type of tea. Hot or cold, intense or subtle, its preparation depends largely on each individual’s taste, mood, lifestyle, preference, and many other factors. What are you waiting for, quick get your cup of tea today!