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Jasmine Green Tea - A Perfect Blend

As the birthplace of tea, China has a long and rich history with tea, and Jasmine tea is one of the most popular to emerge from this nation. In ancient China, Jasmine tea was a symbol of elegance and it was only reserved for royalty.

Taste and quality

Producing Jasmine tea is a complex procedure. The taste and quality of Jasmine tea can vary depending on the type of tea leaves and the process of scenting them. Simple physical mixture of tea leaves and Jasmine blossoms create raw and stronger fragrance, on the other hand sophisticated techniques like air filtering and aroma mixing produce more delicate and light tasting Jasmine tea.

Jasmine tea has a subtle flavor with notes of sweet floral, a fresh finish and a perfumed aroma. High quality Jasmine tea like Jasmine Envy is popular among tea lovers throughout the world. Apart from brewing, Jasmine tea leaves are also used to make favorite food and drink recipes.

Health benefits

The growing popularity of Jasmine tea is not only due to its unique taste and flavor. The wide range of health benefits including the ability to prevent serious diseases also plays a significant role in the growth of its market demand. Some of the most important health benefits of Jasmine tea are discussed below:

Weight loss

Losing weight is a difficult and lengthy process, so some additional support can keep us motivated and on track. Several studies have found that, the antioxidant properties of Jasmine tea increase metabolism in our body which helps the body to process nutrients quicker and leads to lose weight faster.

Heart protection

Heart is the powerhouse of our body and maintaining a healthy heart is very important for us to live longer. Drinking a few cups of Jasmine tea can aid your heart by reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases.

High level of LDL cholesterol in blood leads to inflammation of veins and arteries of heart, resulting in blood clots and heart attacks. Recent researches revealed that catechins found in Jasmine tea helps to reduce LDL cholesterol oxidation, which helps lowering the risk of heart attack and other heart related issues.

Prevent cancer

Cancer is still one of the biggest concerns in medical science as there is no proper cure found for it yet. However medical science has found several ways to prevent risks of cancer. One of them is tea. A report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed drinking green tea may reduce the risk of cancer. Jasmine green tea contains all benefits of green tea along with some added benefits from Jasmine itself. Polyphenols and antioxidants including epigallocatechin gallate found in Jasmine green tea protect body cells from DNA damage caused by free radicals. This helps the body to prevent cancer.

Diabetes control

Jasmine green tea has proven itself as a valuable tool in the in the fight against diabetes. It helps to control or prevent diabetes by regulating the insulin levels in our body. According to a research conducted by BMC Pharmacology, antioxidants in Jasmine or regular green tea reduce the glucose level in blood and help to control or prevent diabetic syndrome.

Aid for Immune system

Jasmine green tea has high levels of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which aid our immune system. The immune system is the primary defense mechanism of our body against all types of illness and common diseases. A report published in the Journal of Life Science showed that regular consumption of Jasmine green tea strengthens the immune system and reduces risks of chronic diseases.

Good quality Jasmine tea

Jasmine is a delicate type of tea and only top quality Jasmine teas are recommended for obtaining the best taste experience and optimum health benefits. Teaspec’s Jasmine Envy won the Great Taste Award 2017 and its superior quality is loved by tea enthusiasts from around the world.