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Pu'er Tea For Cognitive Health

There's no denying that, with age, our brain and our cognitive functions tend to slow down. Like all other parts of the body, our brain health can also be maintained and kept in good condition with age by maintaining a healthy and stress free lifestyle.

 Tips on maintaining mental health

Besides proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, there are several other special rituals we can adopt in order to benefit our brain. Studies have found that drinking pu-erh tea (or pu’er tea) regularly can help improve our mental health and cognitive functions by reducing stress and anxiety.

 Pu’er tea for brain health

In today’s modern world, our body is exposed to different types of clinical therapies and medication which may leave us with negative side effects. Dysregulation of mGluR5, associated with multiple brain disorders, is one of them. According to a recent study, pu-erh tea can inhibit mGluR5 activation stimulated by glutamate in our central nervous system, and protect our nerve cells and reduces chances of mental illness.

 Effects of Pu’er tea compounds

Pu-erh Tea contains a number of plant polyphenols, catechins, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals, which have been proven to have a wide range of health benefits on our body.


While higher caffeinated drinks like coffee may affect your sleeping cycle, a lower and balanced intake of caffeine in tea has several benefits of its own. Multiple studies have found that a balanced consumption of caffeine can improve our thinking process and increase focus at work, at the same time providing a gentle boost in energy and also helps in sharpening our memory. Among all types of tea, raw pu’er tea is one of the best choice in terms of caffeine content, as it contains very low amount of caffeine, even lower than Green tea.


In our previous post, we have discussed about L-theanine and its benefits on reducing stress and anxiety. This compound is exclusively found in tea leaves and it is highly effective in lowering hypertension and keeping our brain calm.

 Start a good habit for numerous benefits

Alongside improved brain health, pu-erh tea also provides many different health benefits.

Although studies have not yet proven a significant decrease in health and brain issues after

drinking pu’er tea; without a doubt, there is no harm to add this habit to our daily routine with  pu-erh tea having so many additional health benefits.