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5 Reasons Why Tea Should Be On Your Gift List

A beverage with an extensive history, tea is appreciated like fine wine. According to Chinese legend, an Emperor named Shen Nong was boiling water near a tea tree when some of the leaves fell into the pot. His discovery has then led to the growing popularity of tea. Due to its popularity among royals and higher-ups, tea is considered a luxury product – resulting in an increase of artisan teas in China. Today, tea still remains an integral part of Chinese culture. The recent surge of trends shows the versatility of tea and how it has evolved over time.

To us, tea is a feel-good gift that warms the heart and enables you to connect with others. Keep reading to find out the reasons as to why we think tea is an ideal gift.


  1. A gift of health

What a good gesture it is to gift someone tea – almost like you are giving them a piece of nature. Tea has abundant health benefits, and it is known best as a source of natural antioxidants. When you gift tea to someone, it can spark a healthy habit of drinking tea. It's simply a matter of creating a routine and finding the flavour you enjoy. Scientific research has proven that regular consumption of tea can strengthen immunity and keep diseases at bay.


  1. Unleash your creativi-tea

Choosing the right tea combination is important if you want that perfect infusion. Ranging from strong to mild, tea has a variety of flavours to choose from, and everyone has their preferences. So, aspiring tea sommeliers, this is the time to impress others with your knowledge and skills on tea. Use this opportunity to create a flavour profile that best represents the gift recipient. This is a fun way to creatively get involved in gift-giving, and a good excuse to taste different high-quality teas! Additionally, it gives a personal touch to your gift which makes it even more special.


  1. A “safe” gift

You can get by with gifting tea to anyone regardless of the recipient's race, religion, and gender. Plus, it's a gift fit for any occasion! Many cultures incorporate this comforting beverage in formal ceremonies. For example, in Chinese culture, serving tea is a sign of respect and a way to express gratitude to their elders. It's also important to note that tea, especially loose-leaf tea, must be stored properly to preserve its freshness and flavour.


  1. Better together

We like the thought of gifting tea as a reason to gather. Food and beverages always taste better with good company. This is due to the sense of togetherness that it instils when spending time with your loved ones. A symbol of hospitality and community, tea is a social beverage. You can catch up with an old friend or make new connections – romantic or friendship wise. Tea in many cultures plays a vital role in social and business. A teahouse, for example, is a place where people can enjoy tea served with light refreshments for leisure or business gatherings.


  1. Explore the wonders of tea

Learn about the cultures of the world with tea! For many cultures, tea is more than just a drink. It's a ritual with personal and social significance. Different types of tea come from different parts of the world, each with a story of its own. Coming together over shared cups of tea with other tea lovers is also a good way to remember your roots. Although tea originated from China, there are many unique customs and ways to drink tea in many countries, making it a cultural staple around the world.



Tea is known as a gift of health, and gifting tea represents the foundation of relationships. Explore our gift range to find a bespoke gift to impress your loved ones.

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