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Tea For Traveling

You are sitting in your seat watching the traffic light turn from amber to red, but that is fine because you have a travel tumbler filled with tea in your cup holder waiting to be enjoyed until… you realised your tea has been over steeped and has turned slightly bitter.

Every tea lover knows how difficult it is to find a travel tumbler that allows you to brew tea, and let’s be honest, it is an absolute disappointment when the travel tumbler you’ve finally hunted down brews you a dissatisfying, bitter, over-brewed cup of tea. If you’re going to get an average brew, you could have just gone to a local kopitiam (aka local coffee shop) to get your tea fix, right? Then why go through all the trouble of getting a travel tumbler, brew your favourite tea and settle for a mediocre brew?

Sounds like it’s time to upgrade your travel mug and stop settling for second best.


But it’s just a mug. What’s the big deal about it?

When it comes to carrying the perfect tea companion, it’s more than just design, brand and whether it has a handle to cradle. The primary purpose of carrying your tea in a specially designed tumbler is so that you can finish it before it turns cold without the need to guzzle it.

You also don’t want to waste your perfectly brewed tea, don’t you? Some teas may be expensive, and with a proper brewing technique, you’d be able to brew more cups of tea with the same amount of tea leaves used. Not to mention, the longer it stays hot, the more likely you’ll be able to savour it instead of emptying it down the sink when you arrive at work.


The Best Travel Tumblers

We’ve come to an agreement that regardless of brand, colour, shape or style, if your travel tumbler isn’t brewing your tea properly, or keeping it hot enough until you’ve arrived at your destination, it is time to toss and get one that actually fits the bill.


TEASPEC Lazy Go Travel Tumbler

The TEASPEC Lazy Go Travel Tumbler is by far, the best portable travel tumbler available in the market. It boasts of a double-layered glass wall—not plastic—and a special built in strainer to separate tea leaves from tea without over steeping. The Lazy Go Travel Tumbler also comes with a sleeve and quilted carrier lined with a silver foil to keep it warm up to 3 hours.


Do not over steep your tea

Always remember: The key to a perfect cup of tea is not to over steep it. Invest in a good quality travel tumbler that separates the tea from tea leaves after it finishes brewing, and keep the lid shut when you are not drinking.