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Pair Food With Tea, Not Wine

People have been pairing wine with their food since the beginning of modern gastronomy, but recently a new trend has emerged. With the increasing focus on health-conscious dining, restaurants seeking to give customers alternative beverages to accompany their meals have done so by pairing tea with the food they serve. 

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Basics Of Tea And Food Pairing

The purpose of pairing tea with food is to enhance the taste of both the dish and the beverage, so you know you found the best combination when the flavor and strength of the chosen recipe is nicely complemented and accentuated by the aroma of the picked tea, and vice versa.

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Pu'er Tea And Food Pairing

Tea is known to enhance and bring out the aroma and subtle flavors of many types of food. But, just like wine, you also need to learn which tea can actually compliment the taste of certain foods. Today we’ll discuss about pairing Pu’er tea with foods.

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Green Tea And Food Pairing

Pairing food with tea is an ancient practice although it may sound like a new concept for those of us who stick solely to our favourite brew, no matter what we are eating alongside. 

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