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Green Tea And Food Pairing

Pairing food with tea is an ancient practice although it may sound like a new concept for those of us who stick solely to our favourite brew, no matter what we are eating alongside. Like wine, there’s a tea to suit a seemingly endless variety of sweet and savoury foods, while being used as an ingredient itself. Long part of the daily ritual of very old cultures, tea acts not only as a palate cleanser or flavour bridge but as a digestive aid as well. As a part of our tea and food pairing series, today we’ll discuss about pairing Green tea with different types of food.

Green tea has a subtle vegetative flavor, so it goes better with mild flavored foods, like seafood, fish or chicken. Salads are also a good fit for this type of tea, and if you’re into fruits, melon is a good option. Rice tastes better when served with a cup of green tea alongside. However, keep in mind that green tea has three main flavor profiles – vegetal, smoky and fruity, and each of these accentuate the taste of certain foods in a more pleasant way.

Vegetal green teas have a fresh, grassy flavor and go nicely with seafood. These are representative of Japanese green tea in general.

Smoky teas are stronger and pair well with pan-fried turkey or chicken, as they cut the greasy mouth-feel of fried meat. Also, they can accentuate the taste and flavor of potatoes, light stir-frys and even of pizza made with root veggies, but don’t make a good team with sweet foods. In this category are included most Chinese green teas.

Last, fruity green teas taste really well when served with chicken, sandwiches, fruit salads and unsweetened pastries, and they’re also a great choice for a refreshing glass of iced tea. Representative of Ceylon and Indian green teas, these beverages have a light sweetness, which recommends them for baked meat-based dishes and whole wheat breads. Still, these aren’t the best option for deep-fried or greasy meat recipes.

Green teas go well with foods that are paired with white wines. Most types of green teas are hydrating and delicate and so they are perfect to team up with savory foods. Salty snacks, sandwiches, spicy foods like Asian dishes, go perfectly well with this tea.This tea also goes well with seafood, fruit salads and rice dishes. Green tea is known to go well with fried foods as they cut through the oil and help with digestion. Drink a cup of green tea with lunch and dinner instead of water.