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Pairing Pu'er Tea With Popular Food Items

Tea is a versatile beverage that you can pair with almost any type of food. From rich and spicy dishes to sweet chocolate desserts, the possibilities are limitless.

Ripe Pu-erh (Pu’er) tea is well-known for its rich and mellow flavour, bringing out the flavours and umami of protein-rich, fatty and high caloric foods. If you’re feeling bloated from overeating, Pu’er tea is also a great drink to aid in digestion and help get rid of the nauseous and bloated feeling of overeating.


Meat burgers/sandwiches

Who doesn’t love a rich juicy meat burger or sandwich? Grilled, fried or baked, who doesn’t love them? As much as they’re absolutely delicious, eating too much grilled, fried or baked meaty foods may increase the fat and cholesterol level in your body. Pairing your meats with a cup of ripe Pu’er tea will complement the savoury and the greasy. In addition, its natural antioxidants will also aid digestion and help neutralize some of the fat and cholesterols that you’re eating.


Grilled or melted cheese

Did you know cheese and tea actually are a match made in heaven? Try it with grilled or melted cheese, you’d never look back again.



What sets raw Pu’er tea apart from ripe Pu-erh (Pu’er) tea is that ripe Pu’er tea undergoes an additional fermentation process, which gives its darker colour and mellow taste. This additional fermentation process is a great match with mushrooms, especially dried mushrooms, as ripe Pu’er tea will enhance the taste and flavour of the mushroom.


Fried or junk food

Are you a fan of fried or junk food? We all know that these foods are generally not good for our health. However, if you can’t say no to them, here’s a healthier alternative: Pair a cup of Pu’er tea to go with your fried or junk foods. Pu’er tea contains antioxidants that helps in reducing blood cholesterol and heart diseases. Have a cup or two of your favourite raw or ripe Pu Erh tea, and you’ll feel much better afterwards.