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Sip Easy, 2 x 80ml (Small)
Sip Easy, 2 x 80ml (Small)
Sip Easy, 2 x 80ml (Small)
Sip Easy, 2 x 80ml (Small)

Sip Easy, 2 x 80ml (Small)

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The teacup you use to drink your favorite tea matters, especially the material. Its inner surface should be smooth and non-porous to retain the tea's flavors and aroma.

Elevate your tea ritual with TEASPEC Sip Easy* teacups! They're comfortable to use as the double-walled design provides a low-heat transference, allowing you to enjoy hot drinks without burning your fingers. Plus, it keeps drinks insulated, meaning hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold. Perfect for serving espressos, sakes, aperitifs, and even cocktails!

Each Sip Easy set comprises:

  • 2 x 80ml double walled glass teacups

Important: *The Sip Easy is made by hand. After the double layer glass is finished, the glass is in a state of very high temperature. A hole is left to release the hot air trapped between the 2 layers of glass.

Without the hole, the glass will crack when it expands under high temperature and shrinks when it cools down. The hole is a part of the production process.

After the glass cools to normal temperature, UV glue is used to seal the hole.

Cleaning instructions:

  • Hand wash
  • Not suitable for use in dishwasher
  • Do not soak in water to prevent the glue from dropping off

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amber Chong
Unsatisfactory products

Expensive cups. Water and soap will get trapped inside the double glass walls. See photos attached.

Jennifer Choo
Cute and functional

These cute tiny cups are a pleasure to use and look at

Easy to hold

This little cute cups was designed in double wall and thus I have no worry on direct hold it to drink in a hot tea.
Because of it is a clear glasses, is really enjoy to see the beautiful color of the tea espeacially the Raw Pu'er tea which have the beautiful amber color while drinking.

Ovie Plemings
Clean and easy

I was gifted 4 sip easy cups and I like using them. Clean look with a design that makes sure I don't get burned by hot drinks.